A downloadable game for Windows and Linux

Game realised for the Ludum Dare #40

Theme : The more you have, the worse it is 

Time : 72 hours

Controls : you can change between WASD/ZQSD controls in the input window when you launch the game

…This is a message from the earthian space station Andromeda to the bounty hunter 456…

One of our mining cargo ship is wandering in the sector 7D123. They have pulled the alarm but are not responding to our calls. According to the last data, the ship seems to have suffered serious damage from unknown source.

Your job is to report the general situation of the ship, rescue any living member of our staff and if possible identify the source of the problem and eliminate it.

The cargo ship is mainly occupied by robots. They are used to collect resources too toxic for living beings. You have to make sure they are harmless because they could have been easily hacked due to their weak level of protection.

Considering the isolation of the area and our lack of information on the current situation, we ranked this mission as a « High Risk ».

You’ll receive:
1500 credits for a full report, +100 per life saved
and a bonus depending on the nature of the danger.

Good hunt.

Félix Belthoise (Azathothep) : Game Design & Music

Hamish  Bryant (Am Shaegar) : Graphic Design & Game Design

Agathe Loubière (Agathe) : Graphic Design

Séverin Michaut (Batagogo) : Programming

Alexandra Rogova (ASoftBoy) : Game Design & Programming

Adam Vaucoret (Drago) : Game Design

Théo Verpillat (UnBonJusDeFruits) : Graphic Design & Music

Baptisteq : Sound Design

With the help of: Horace Ribout (Horace_As_A_Dino)


StarBounce.zip 40 MB
StarBounce-OSX.zip 43 MB