Deadline is a text-based adventure game made in 3 weeks by yours truly.

////// synopsis ///// You play a screenwriter once known for his acclaimed thrillers scripts. Tormented by an impostor syndrome and some rather common everyday-life issues, pressed by an upcoming deadline, he looks for new sources of inspiriration, while inexorably becoming obsessed with murder.

this story contains lots of sensitive thoughts and actions. Be sure to protect yourself if you think you could be hurt by dark narratives. Or absurd ones.

This game presents text visual animations like flashing texts, wobbling and waving animations. If you’d rather play without those vfx, don’t forget to use the command “>anims ” at the start of your run


Maevb / Maëva Bouvier - Game artist and text animator 

Akarius - Sound Design & Narrative Design 

Vorpaline - Narrative Design 

Sealfat / Lucas Parraud - Game Design & Narrative Design 

Aza / Félix Belthoise - Game Design & Programming 

Anne-Laure Sorraing - Translation 

Isobelle Kelly - Translation 

Denis Bessede - Translation


Deadline_WIN (jam version).zip 59 MB

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