A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

Enjoy a little round of golf while discovering the charming and colorful scenery, your ears soothed by the pleasant sound of Bossa Nova. 

This unique First Person Golfer is truly going to make your day!

Game created for Ludum Dare #41

Theme : Combine two incompatible genres | Time : 72 hours

Clément Patricio : Game Design & Programming

Théo Verpillat : Game Design & Environment Art

Félix Belthoise : Game Design & Music

Loïc da Silva : Game Design & Sound Design

Séverin Michaut : Programming

Horace Ribout : Programming

Chloé Barreau : Game Art

Constance Gautier : Project Management


Hit the Green! (Windows) 111 MB
Hit the Green! (Mac OS X) 114 MB
Hit the Green! (Linux) 117 MB

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