Game made in 3 hours for the Trijam #167 (theme: Heightened Senses)

Escape the haunted manor, avoid the spooky ghost and use your enhanced vision skills to see invisibles walls!

Controls : arrows to move, spacebar to activate enhanced vision

Game Engine: Unity

Time: exactly 3 hours (I stopped working when my alarm rang, and exported juste after that)

I took enough time to plan the production beforehand so I knew exactly what I needed to do, how much time it would take and what to cut if I ran out of time. It turns out everything went fine, I only struggled with the making of the spritesheet in Photoshop (pixel art & resizing often led to blurry sprites and I didn't had the time to search for a solution) but I quickly switched to Aseprite. My only regret is that I didn't had time for sound & music.

Overall, I'm quite happy of the result given the limited time =)

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